Grounded @ Spar

Grounded @ Spar is an exciting concept in an ever-changing market, we start afresh every day to bring people food that is simple, seasonal, and sourced for sustainability. Our menu is compiled to fit a wide variety of dietary needs with easy on the go options, always healthy and fresh

Sustainability is all about keeping a good thing going. From our packaging and our products to our supply partners. Natural Healthy Convenient Food / From inception, our focus was fixed on creating a sense of calm, beauty, and visual appeal. This was to be achieved and portrayed by our choice of colours which are muted browns, blacks, green and white, which in turn serve as a canvas highlighting our colourful and exciting offering.

Suffice to say the health and fitness trend has gained immense popularity and support in recent years. It is therefore of paramount importance that we as a brand align and establish ourselves as a health-conscious ambassador, paying homage to principals that provide a sustainable healthy mind, body, and spirit. Our strength is our ability to tap into an already exciting supply chain of products and produce. Our advantage is a combined knowledge to infuse, enhance and amplify nutrition. This will be achieved by giving centre stage to foods rich in antioxidants, the addition of much needed fibre and the incorporation of the ever-important minerals and vitamins, our modern-day diets so sorely lack.

Apart from sourcing only the finest product and produce locally, we also incorporate some much-loved cooking methods from yesteryear. This in turn will evoke a welcome and familiar feeling whilst getting rid of the “sterile stigma??? the health and wellness industry so often get labled with. A bit of old school is always cool. Our main goal is for our product to translate in both visual appeal and taste, as well as being nutritionally sound.

The Menu

With Culinary Creator & Chef Anita Reynolds and Chef Cobus Bekker at the helm of the seat, our menu plays homage to the ever-growing dietary trends witnessed the world over. Whether the individual calls for vegan, vegetarian, low carb, high fat, or protein we will bring ourselves to task by tickling, tease and tantalize your taste buds. Adopting a more natural and healthier attitude is no longer considered just a trend, it is a lifestyle. We stand firmly in our values of HEALTH, HEAL, GROW.

A journey through your day @Grounded.

All patrons will be received with a friendly smile, a hearty welcome and a choice of product that will leave little to the imagination. Retail shelves will provide guidance and direction to our customer. We are driven to assist and educate with the hope of building lasting relationships with our valued customers.

Inclosing – we are extremely excited about our extensive drinks menu and take specific pride in our partnership with the much-loved Lavazza coffee brand. So, whether our customer just stop by for a quick coffee, a morel booster smoothie or perhaps a quick bite to eat, Grounded will cater full circle to a multitude of our customers needs.


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