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gems from the Swartland
Blake Family Wines is a boutique winery in the scenic Yzerfontein, alongside the Cape West Coast. Owners Andries & Marinda Blake have a commitment to quality and are passionate about crafting exceptional wines.

Blake Family Wines produce premium wines in limited quantities under the “Blake’s??? brand and a lifestyle range called “16 Mile Beach???. They nurture their wines and create gems – this philosophy has led to naming their two flag ship blends after semi-precious stones – Amethyst and Tourmaline. The Swartland terroir has proven to be ideal for the cultivation of bush vine vineyards and for crafting exceptional wines.

The 16 Mile Beach range is named after the 16 Mile Beach in Yzerfontein which is the longest uninterrupted stretch of beach in South Africa.

Winemaker, Andries is an acclaimed, seasoned winemaker with more than three decades of vintages under his belt. Notably the Swartland region as he has been a wine maker in the Swartland since 1995. His knowledge of the terroir of the Swartland enables him to source top quality grapes from selected vineyards from the heart of the Swartland. Andries prefers to make blends – “Blends is an art form where a wine maker can showcase flair and skill. Blended wines give you a much more complex wine as one can use the best qualities of different cultivars to create a superb wine” says Andries.

Marinda, with extensive experience in the wine industry is responsible for Exports and Logistics. Son, Van der Bijl Blake has recently joined the husband and wife duo and is responsible for national marketing and running “House of Blake’s??? in Yzerfontein.

The small winery in Yzerfontein, called “House of Blake’s??? has opened its doors to the public in December 2020. Visitors can enjoy a wine tasting, have a delectable hand-crafted pizza, or simply build their own platter to enjoy.

The Blake’s are passionate about producing quality products bearing their name. They have all the building blocks – the experience, knowing the terroir extremely well, passion and the drive to create gems.

“We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun???.

House of Blake’s

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our brand new Wine Cellar.

Taste our wines in our recently opened boutique wine cellar in Yzerfontein. Enjoy delectable handcrafted pizza’s, build your own platter or simply enjoy fresh sushi.

Visit us at Old Stal Building, R316, Yzerfontein

We look forward to welcoming you!



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