Pearl of the West Coast

Yzerfontein, literally translated “Iron Fountain”, is a small town on the West coast, about 90 km north of Cape Town. Originally a farm owned by the Katz-family in the 1930s, it was divided into plots for housing. Yzerfontein is envied for its pristine Sixteen Mile Beach, adjacent to the West Coast National park, which borders the town.

Among many attractions, the town has a Distillery, a Winery and a Brewery in a 4km radius. Dassen Island, another nature reserve, is about 10 km offshore. The main sources of income are tourism (especially during the wildflower season), mining and fishing. The harbour is busy in kreef season and snoek season.

Yzerfontein Heritage

Yzerfontein Lime Kilns

With the establishment of the refreshment station at de Caap de Goede Hoop by The IOC there was no cement available for building purposes. The Dutch built lime kilns to burn mussels to form a binding material to be used as cement.

Schaapeiland Hiking Trail

Schaap eiland Hiking Trail skirts the edge of the village of Yzerfontein. Approximately two kilometres long, it starts from the Main Beach – or Sixteen Mile Beach as it is also known – and then runs in a southerly direction,

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